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Home Brewer's 411

Be sure to claim your beer donation on your taxes as a charitable donation. Contact Mary for an in kind donation slip from our featured charity.

Brewer Registration

is closed for the season.

Thank you for your


Yet Again, Beer Saves the World!

We truly appreciate your participation with the brew contest and donation of your competition beer to the tasting segment of the event. Your volunteerism is the backbone to our event. We require 5 gallons of your brew to serve at the event. Beer not served at the event is yours to bring home. Pours of beer to the tasters should be about 1-2 ounces. Some brewers bring more than one beer to the event. We allow a maximum of two different beers per brewer. One beer may be entered into the contest.


In order to ensure a variety, we are encouraging only a certain percentage of each style. So register early!


Have a blast collaborating with fellow brewers and showcasing your craft throughout the evening. We will have hospitality for the brewers, volunteers, and musicians. In past years, brewers have had a great time rocking their beer!


Once registered, join the Charitable Hops Home Brewers closed Facebook group for event announcements for participants and collaboration with other brewers. Welcome to our community!

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